sheesh ya fuck
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2002-02-09 23:09:59 (UTC)

aimless encounter

last night was fine..evreyone seemed calmer..than usual i
mean there wasnt tension floating and if there was none
was choking on it soo it felt good...i drank and spilt the
rest of the bottle ..and rantted about evrey little bit of
bullshit i could ..brandon actually opened up to us in the
car ride...after the funeral though there was a hurt. i dont know..noone really does.. what
to say what to do..after they are buried.. we wont let
them be buried...a car crash huh?without any
understanding. i didnt even know them just saw. i heard a
billion stories..that day..ill miss them still. another
vacant star. we wont forget. i paid a visit to my mom at
work brought her Arbys she wandered her work hallways
incoherant looking through the window at the giftshop
pointing..stumbling over her words..forgetting where she
was in the middle of a sentence..i love her though. its
okay well yeah coming to leave