2000-12-03 05:12:48 (UTC)

Dear diary, 10:49 December..

Dear diary, 10:49 December 02 2000

Well my name is Ashley i have never wrote in this kinda
diary before so its differnt for me....I've been haveing
qite a few problems .My recent boyfriend Matthew who i like
a lot have been going out 16 days our friends we most of
them still don't really aprove i bet the whole school knows
everyone are always asking us something like this girl
named laura was asking him if we kissed yet and people have
been asking me if i really liked him i wish they would just
understand or get over it i like him a lot and thats all
that matters right? I think so...Anyway i couldn't go to
the beehive tonight so i had to stay home and Johnathan and
trace called me on 3 way and said they were talking to
matthew and they said they said they were gonna hook him up
with the ugliest girl and they said he said too late and
then trace said something and they were lying and i told
him to stop calling me or i'll block the number and i hung
up matthew didn't say that i know and i was mad at them so
i called matt and told him he said they told him the same
thing i can't handle this they are tearing me apart slowly
im not gonna break up with him just because of his
friends...They think because there girlfriends dumped him
that me and matthew shouldn't be happy but me and matt make
a good couple and like eachother a lot..Im not ugly and
matt didn't say that and i would never say matthew is ufly
cause he isn't he has the most wonderful blue eyes ever i
miss him so much right now i didn't get to talk to him
friday any except at school and i didn't see him after 4th
block which is are last class and i didn't talk to him till
about 8 when he got home from hunting he said he knows what
they did because they did it to him...Im so scared there
gonna ruin everything please god let them not ...Im gonna
embariss his two friends at school and say some stuff i
know about them...I love matt a lot i have liked him since
7th grade and we were like best friends but since 7th i
always liked him more i took advantage of it now and we go
out im glad i told him how i feal...anyway im going to
finish some things i have to do online now i'll write more
tomarrow....................@shley Careme