sheesh ya fuck
2002-02-09 22:53:06 (UTC)


im wading in this stereo static
the stimulants are raging red
banging and slamming into my head
its this and all that i dont care
i meet my bottles lips and kiss it dry
and now i swim below doesnt matter
im drowning..
the sea is a different world
better than which you were sworn

the ships are frozen in sea
the clouds tick by and by
ive been waiting for this to come
auction her stained soul for the lowest bid
no one will show no one ever fucking shows
i steamed up this winter for you for you
still i leave them cold

get it from your mother
from your jesus
from you brother
all the plastic i can feel
bending and breaking speeling through
i knew i could never take it
locked doors leaves us
in sin.
my mother sleeps in her own womb
shakes with the disease
its not enough for her will to consume
as she drifts away
another shot for evrey fucking time she prays
her savior will save her from this..
i hope