stella's steamy paperback novel
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2002-02-09 22:40:22 (UTC)

crepes and lemon sauce

this morning i had an movement audition thingy for west
side story. t'was fun. finally i had an excuse to dance
around to yankee doodle.

can you believe it... yankee doodle ends qith a "ka-chh!"
whip sound! it was sooooo funny! heather and i laughed for
like an hour.

then heather and i went to hava java (god i felt
pathetic... i was at java before 11 in the morning after
having been there yesterday for a few hours already. oh
my) and chatted. t'was nice. we both got in a little rant
about how boys suck. t'was nice.

then i came home and there, waiting for me was a
cappuchino and some crepes with lemon sauce. t'was nice.

besides that, nothing nice happened to me. i cleaned up
the kitchen and hung out in my room. and now, i'm not
smiling because i feel left out and lonely.

you know i was lying on my bed today, and i rested my hand
against my hand and was in the same position for the
longest time. usually, being the crazy ADD girl that i am,
i can't just lie on my bed, excluding sleeping time. but
not today... nope, i just lay there, not asleep, in that
position, not stretching my thoughts very far but thinking
none the less.

boy am i a vision today... i don't know if i've smiled at
all since i came home from the audition.

i'm sorda stuck where i am.. but in my dreams i can buy
expensive cars and live on mars and have it my way...

so i'm off. off to explore the unexplored

actually..... to hang ou in my room. no no wait.. jessi's
room cause i don't have a room right now. another reason
for me not to smile.

take care all.... and yeah.

to lazy to finish that