Nick's Journal
2002-02-09 21:12:29 (UTC)

The Chili Challenge 2002

That's right folks, the chili challenge has finally come
and gone. boy what a festive occassion it was. Day one
wasn't that bad, i had nothing but chili so i didn't feel
it too much (it was slightly hot), tuesday it was less hot
than monday and i did fine. Wednesday was hot, and i had
something else to eat. correction.......i had a shitload
to eat. pizza, chicken nuggets, and such. yeah i was
fine until about that evening. ouch. it wasd like an
avalanche, once it started it couldn't be stopped, by the
third "visit" i was praying that i would just pass out.
it's as if the chili pushes everything out on a wave of
fire. ouch is all i can say. now chili challenge isn't
all bad, it builds bonds. for example, ryan and i
conversed about our needs to go the bathroom, since we
both prefer the same stall (of course not at the same
time) we were able to time our shits......well as much as
they could be timed. plus say if i'm in there i can give
him a heads up that the toilet paper is running low and
that he may have to move to stall # 3.
now the cleaning crew must take the week off during hte
chili challenge, cos it was horrible in there. no extra
toilet see, in my opinion we should have
really fluffy toilet paper for chili challenge. like say
toielt paper made out of clouds, or babies breath, because
when you're wiping your ass 23 times a day it can
get "rough". so enough description. another thing. they
should put up some interesting fliers, shit put fucking
war and piece in there, i coulda finished it in the
timespan that i was cowering on that seat.
enough about the toiletries. thursday went by as usual
and being the dumbass that i am i ate something. promptly
i returned to the shitter and the chili raped me anally.
i had a test at 7 and all i could think about during it
was "where the fuck is the bathroom?", but it was worth it
on friday. i just had the chili and some ice cream, and
here i am sitting with the shirt on my back. hell yeah.