*Bubbles and Ducks*
2002-02-09 20:07:32 (UTC)


Last night was soo fun!! I went to the student government
lock-in and it rocked!! It was Karalee, Bekki, Amy,
Elizabeth, both Julies, Marah, Andrea C., Marissa, Nicole
Boss, Jeff C., Ryan B., and ME!! We got dropped off at
9:45pm and picked up at 5:30am. We got to play soccer and
basketball and run around all night!!! We had these
discussion group things, but they weren't really boring. In
one of my groups there was this guy Henry, and I left there
with his sn!!! He's really nice. I talked to him this
After the lock-in Karalee, Bekki, and I (since we were
driving them home) we stopped at Denny's and had breakfast
and it was so funny we were so tired that we thought the
syrup bottle was really interesting. It was hilarious
becasue it was one of those ones where when you push the
little button, it slides open and it shows the hole where
the syrup comes out and we're were all like "Wow, that
looks really complicated, but it's not". WE all fell asleep
in the car. When Karalee tried to open her front door she
couldn't, she had unlocked the door already, but couldn't
push it open. I was laughing so hard.
What stinks is I'm really tired right now and that
*Bridget* and Natalie couldn't go. LoL, my mom didn't even
make me go to my grandparents to help take down their
Christmas tree because she knew what a waste I'd be.
I also admitted to this one guy that I liked him, but I
don't want to say his name because it's really embarassing.
But in all aspects yesterday rocked!!!!