Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-02-09 19:09:22 (UTC)

Dream - Very Odd....

Well, if I go for setting first, that was odd
started in a big, well, field. It was flat, but huge, and
had a big pagoda/veranda tpye thing in the middle on the
edge of the near side. So, it was a bit like a gargantuan
football pitch. Covered in sheep.

I had to herd these sheep. Like a sheepdog might do, I
don't know. I was being paid a pittance and didn't enjoy t
in the least, as well I might not. I remember thinking that
I would give my bottom dollar to avoid having to do it, but
knowing that if I did, I would never be allowed back,
either to the field, or the job. Again, I don't know why,
it was a dream, these things tend not to be documented.

After I stuck out the job for what seemed an age but went
by very quickly, if such a thing can happen, I decided I
could no longer stand it, and went to the
pagoda/veranda/bodega thing, before leaving it, in a Sonic
The Hedgehog stylee and being transported to what was, to
me, a dales-like scenario. It was rolling hills and valleys
all grassed over, with only a few jagged rock-faces, and
yet more sheep.

I started a new 'improved' life, shepherding the sheep,
which was a lot less hands on, and a lot easier for me, yet
equally satisfying, or not as the case was. But, because I
couldn't go back, or forward, I stuck it out as there was
nothing else to do.

I must have been very old, in the job 10-15 years, when one
of my current friends ran toward me, and I fled from the
hills, into one of the valleys being drawn rather than
choosing where to run. I was dragged however, back to the
pagoda/veranda/bodega thing. He didn't leave me alone, and
I was running for quite a time before he finally gave up
and went away.

Then I awoke, having drooled a bit on my pillow, which has
been happening more than I would like of late (about once a

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