Zone of Misfortune
2002-02-09 18:14:39 (UTC)

weekend is here...

Ok, so the week proved to be the busiest in weeks. I was
actually quite busy, which is a convienient and mispelled
excuse to update this only now, about a week after the
last. I did want to make it more of a "every-three-day
spasmatic turn of events hardcore banal"

well, since the weekend is here, the school week has
obviously passed, WITH NOTHING HAPPENING... i mean,
besides premiering the Totally Platinum Millenium Dance
Party Fever 2k2 (remicks) music video and getting new
seats in english...

So seats in bad, i'm still kinda
homesick of the previous arrangments, worked so
beautifully, but yeah, i least i don't have to smell
tavella anymore...

Um...oh yeah, i go to see weezer, saves the day, and ozma
today in WILKES BARRE. This, this will be an unholy
marriage of X-treme COO and SWEET ASS SWEET that will
produce offsprings so daring...i will eat them?

So yes, that's workin' out fine...Gave a tape to weaver
too...loooks like we'll finally be starting to put lyrics
to our musical ideas, which is coo considering my parents
don't really care that much anymore since my last sraight
A report they've backed off a little. Before it
was always "why the hell do you never have homeowork," "Do
you even go to school" and "why the hell don't you go to

Besides that...i'm not worrying about anything except for
gettin my gold Civic 3-door hatchback from '89 into order
so that it's legal to'd be coo not to beg for
rides and bread crumbs by the curb...

YES WELL, there is nothing coming up, and nothing
happening, so i'll just describe the plot of the latest
video i;m makeing. IT's erick m. and jess m.'s sherk
project and it'll be erick playing jackie chan AND chris
tucker...jess will be playing talk show host. Chan and
talk show host get attacked by ninjas and they take jess,
so tucker and chan have to rescue her from evil
ninjas...should prove quite intersting, mcguire's asian
and black accents are worht it alone.

That's it...that's quite enough...'tis more than usual.

going to see weezer, saves the day, and ozma, so naturaly,
i'm swelling with anticipation and bloated with elation