Adoption IS A Nightmare
2001-04-26 06:38:24 (UTC)


I am ready to leave for an early morning flight to join two
friends for the day, night and then we all fly back on
Friday to spend the weekend at my home.
Such a treat to have limo service to & from and not worry
about bags or small seats.
A young girl( and her mother) who is having surgery will
be flying with me; part of the law firm's "goodwill" gesture
for medical needs, although I know that it is not from
generosity but the large tax $$ write-offs that go with such
Call me callous but I have seen too much : )
A little gossip: I saw Laura Bush while shopping several
weeks ago; such a loudmouth, reminded me of the Ramsey
mother,saw her and was so surprised to see what a blimp she
is. She was under the influence of something, very strange
woman. Laura was actually prettier in person until she
Ok, enough gossip, I shall have some tea, an egg, and
english muffin and read for an hour before the limo arrives.
Oh, I may put together a gift basket for my co-flight
guests, too.
Good Idea! I have a brand new Gameboy and several games,
must add some batteries and a coin purse for her mommy, yes,
I will tuck in a few pennies from heaven.....
I shall be back after the weekend to tell you all about it!