This is me and how my life goes.
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2001-04-26 06:36:53 (UTC)

I'm making improvements

Dear Journal,
Ok well I think i'm doing better, I mean i'm not crying
nearly as much as I used too. I mean I get really moody at
times and I have to make myself calm down but that's about
all. The only thing is, the nightmares. They don't go away
they are so vivid, so real. I wake up pratically crying and
then I just sort of stay up untill it's really light outside
and then I sneak a couple hours of sleep, crazy or what?
Damn I want to sleep.... I mean right now i'm beat. I
haven't had very much sleep in these last few days. The
nightmares got worse this week. I know as soon as I lay my
head down and I drift off i'll just be waking up scared,
crying and shaking... I can't type anymore my fingers are
hitting all the wrong keys, i'm so tired. I'm going to go
lay down and watch T.V. Oh yeah Buddy the Bed Time Lion is
not working