This is me and how my life goes.
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2001-04-26 06:32:39 (UTC)

Days are so short and nights are so long

Late at night I wish for the day
I wish for the sun, the wind, children laughing.
My days are filled with happy thoughts, the warm
sun beaming down on my face. My friends, and family
Nothing can ruin this feeling of happiness, but as
soon as it begins... it ends.
Night takes over. The bright blue sky turns black and the
coulds turn gray.
People dissaper into the night and howls of pain and
anger fill the night.
I hate the night because of you.
Sitting in my room all alone
Hudding under the blankets, afraid to look around but
afraid to close my eyes.
When I do finally drift off to sleep, visions of you haunt
my sleep. Your eyes, your hands, your breath. Everything
about you that i hate I remember.
I wake to find myself huddled in a corner.
How did I get there? Why am I there?
The night seems to go on for days and I pray for daylight
but it never comes.
My body is weary, I don't sleep when darkness falls and when
finally little beams of light burst through the dark sky,
filling it with so many colors, I jump up with excitment.
The day has finally come. The days are too short to waste
away, I go out and make the best of them, all the while
saying to myself, " The days are too short and the nights