This is me and how my life goes.
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2001-04-26 06:26:00 (UTC)

I love you

I love the way you smile at me, and the way you make me
I love the butterflies I get in my stomach everytime you are
I love your sarcastic attitude, and I love your tone of
I love your strong exterior and the way you kiss my face.
I love the way you listen and the way that you care
I love the way you kiss me an run your fingers through my
I Love the way you hold my hand and kiss it so gently
I love the way you walk
I love the way you talk
I love the way you smile
I love the way you hold me when I need to cry
I love the way you kiss myforehead and kiss my tears away
But most of all, I LOVE YOU!!!
Everything about you good and bad, things that make me happy
and things that make me sad, they are all part of who you
are, and who you will become.
I love each and everything about you

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