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2002-02-09 15:42:20 (UTC)

is he for real? (fortune-telling pt2)

he said that i'll graduate, does it mean that i
don't have to study too hard? i remembered the first thing
he said when he saw my face was that i shouldn't "play"
(read, mess) with water. thank goodness i haven't told
anyone in my family about my plans to learn surfing! he
said that my best feature was my nose, which means that
i'll get a good husband & kids but i'll have to work hard
for the sake of my kids. he also said that my first 2 kids
will be daughters & my third one will only a son.

can you believe that he said all that just by
looking at my face? he said that because i have long
thumbs, i'll have a good husband & that he's a
professional. between the ages of 18-21, i'll have a
boyfriend but he's not meant for me & that i should forget
about him. he stared straight into my eyes when he said
that. can he REALLy see through me? is he talking about

said that i may seem tough outside but behind closed
doors, i am vulnerable & sensitive(true). said that i have
constipation troubles & that my bowel movements is not
constant enough(true). i am not drinking enough water &
eating enough fruits(maybe?). should avoid nuts & check my
diet because i may be diabetic by the time i reach the age
of 55. said that i have problem with my heart...oh my God,
do i really have so much health problems?

said that me & my dad is not compatible (partly true)
although the part that i always have fights with dad is
untrue. how can you fight with someone who's almost always
not by your side? this is because i have a line across my
right palm, meaning that my r'ship with dad is not good.

he also said that i should marry late, preferably
after 26. said that if i do get married before that age,
i'll definitely get a divorce. said that i think too much
(true) & said that my period is coming soon(true). said
that basically i'll lead a good life but i have to be
careful of accidents.

the only 2 things that he repeated was that the guy
is not for me & i should not get "seduced" by the water.
it's kinda scary, like he can really see right through me!

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