writings on the wall
2002-02-09 15:16:26 (UTC)

do you believe in fortune telling?

i was supposed to meet up with my gfs in the
afternoon but since it was early, i decided to follow my
aunt to her accountant's place. seemed that besides
accounting, he's good at fortune-telling too.

call me conservative or anything but i do believe in
fortune-telling & those Chinese shit. i believe that by
taking the last piece of food from the plate, i'll have
troubles finding a husband. it may sound stupid but what
the heck! actually, i was planning to ask my friend to
bring me to a fortune-teller near her place but then after
today, i guess i don't need to anymore. the Chinese
believe that each time you go for this kinda stuff, your
life is shortened by 5 years. see how superstitious a
Chinese can be?

which reminds me of the other day when i was out
with my friend and she asked a woman to help me predict my
future through my birth time & date. she said that i fall
in love easily (true) and that i will marry late in life.
i am not very compatible with my mom so it's best that i
don't stay with her. etc, etc, which i can't remember
since it's like 4 months back but i still have the paper
with me. the only problem is that i can't read Chinese!

being together with my gfs make me feel happy. it's
like the good old days. come to think of it, i think we
are even closer now than before. especially with Phoenix.
i used to hate her in high school because a guy i liked
liked her instead. now i know that nothing is more
important than friendship!

reached home at about 8. just in time for my facial.
i was so hungry but then the lady was already there so i
had no choice. had my dinner at 10, right after my facial.
thank goodness my brother is asleep, if not, i'll never
get to use the PC!