Spyderman of this century

the story
2002-02-09 12:51:28 (UTC)

i work for a bunch of blowhards

ok, the people i work for suck ass. i told them that i
couldnt work as many hours as i was working, which was 72
hours a week, and that i would gladly work 60 hours a
week, and that 48 hours would be perfect. well, it took em
two weeks to finally do something about it. and now im
pissed. i work 5 hours a night now, thats 30 hours a week,
thats less that half of what i was workin, right as i was
about to buy my camaro too, i dont know if im gonn ahave
enough left in savings after this week to get it still, or
if im gonna have to put it off till my hours go back up.
everyone said i should complain about the hours this week,
and i thought about it. but instead im just gonna take it
as kinda mini vacation, i get off at 11 every night. which
means i can sleep a full 8 hours b4 school now. which will
be nice. anyway, yeah, then today i got off a lil late
cause the guy i was workin w/ dropped a putty knife
soemwhere nothing is supposed to go, well he ended up doin
some damage b4 he could turn the machine off, and we spent
the next 2 hours ripping things apart and rebuilding, and
somehow he managed to blame it on me, even though i wasnt
even in that fucking building when it happened!!!!! its
bullshit. plus, i got my check last night, and they
screwed me out of 30 cents an hour, so rather than
complain, i put down an extra 40 cents an hour for this
week, which i think i have about 10 hours more, but tough
shit. i deserve the dam money. i also found out last night
that a gurl i work w/ has a crush on me, which is ok,
except shes bigger than me. i will date people that are
overweight, but not when there bigger than me. you know,
like overall size. shes like an inch taller, and shes
meaty. shes cute in the face and all, but dam, she could
hurt me. so owell. i wont see her again at work for
awhile, so maybe shell get over it. haha, there was a
close call at work today too, after i finally got off i
went and got in the shower, and i was walkin around the
locker room naked, and i heard the door open, but usually
at 6 in the morning the only people there are guys so i
didnt worry about it, then i heard ollys voice calling my
name, i ran past the door to go get dressed, right as she
was about to walk in. i dont know if she saw anything, but
she didnt say anything. oh well, if she did im sure she
was impressed. dammit, its time for me to go, so i guess
emds this chapter of my life, as worthless a chapter as it
was, if it was even a chapter. mehh, who really gives a
flying fuck anyway, i gots ta go to the bank. PEESE