Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
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2001-04-26 05:41:34 (UTC)

10 good reasons..

Gee. Life sure is boring when I don't have any guy to lust
over!! I have nothing to say really :( How sad is that?
Slept in today and went to work at 1pm - 11 pm, again
tomorrow around noon. Still don't know if I have a dentist
appt. or not...whatever. This is boring. I need to stop
eating/smoking/drinking so much. I'm pathetic, I know.
Gotta wait a week before I get paid dammit I need cash like
a bird needs worms. Poor comparison. My cat is in a strange
mood. Just jumped behind the computer desk? Weirdo. Wish I
was a feline. What a life. This weekend is like the FIRST
weekend of my short adult life that I haven't got to go to
work. How cool is that? I'm impressed. Pressed for cash.
Went out for a few beers with April and Julie last night.
Fun it was. Sang a little karaoke. SO lame. Oh well, it was
nice to go out. Supposed to visit my sister on Saturday.
That would be cool.