2002-02-09 12:28:03 (UTC)

maybe you dont like your job, maybe you didnt get enuf sleep...

well nobody likes their job, nobody got enuf sleep,
maybe you just had the worst day of your life
but theres no escape and theres no excuse so just
suck up and be nice.

i love ani.. well im back. after laying in bed and being
completely worthless for a week ughhh. this is the worst
sick ive ever had in my entire life. the worst. and the
phlegm just keeps on coming.. theres so much sick in me. i
am so over it i really would give just about anything to
not be sick anymore. plus i have so much school work to
make up, i missed 4 or 5 days and i missed rent... that i
was soo upset about, it was right about when i first got
sick... i got sick again at work on thursday night my
manager was like go to the hospital rah rah rah cus i
couldnt breathe so i came home and slept and friday i
stayed home from school but with much effort made it to
battle of the bands (matt got second place) saturday i couldnt
move Saturday. rent day. we missed rent. aaaaghhhh. i
have been looking foward to that for SO long. i was just
laying in bed it hurt to move and caroline came over for a
little bit cus my mom was at the hospital with dad. sunday
i slept. monday i slept. tuesday i slept. all i did was
sleep and cough and feel like i was dying (dying alone at
that) no caroline came a lot and that was really nice and
matt came over one night and took care of me and that was
cute i guess, even though he is completely uninclined to
be the helpful taking care of kind, it was still cute that
he was trying, its just my mom was kinda a bitch the whole
time and im over that... but wednesday i was still sick and
thursday i was like im going even though i was sick. i
made matt drive and i couldnt even walk to 1st period
without stopping twice, im so weak and dizzy and shitty...
and last night at work was really bad again too i just feel
like total shit...and i am sick beyond sick beyond sick of
people calling me. i turned my phone off so many times
this past week and a half. fuckers wont let it stop
ringing. for what really. so they can be like "oh my god
are you okay?" well NO. im NOT fucking okay not at all im
dying but thanks for waking me up. richards cute though.
he wrote me like pages of notes while i was gone
and one time he called when my phone was on and i was in a
better mood and hes like something like i just wanted to see how you
felt and tell you i love you. wow hes so cute.
i got to go take my dad to the hospital to
get shots now, twice a day we're guna have to do this...
thats a whole other story though.