De-Tet-aCh Memoir
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2002-02-09 11:09:37 (UTC)

Broke but not broken

Saturday 9/2/02

Okay i'm officially broke...lotsa bills to pay..and i have
no money!! yikes.....hope things turn around really
soon...what a way to start the new year...but i guess
things can only be better : P

luke and i spent the whole of last nite prowling around
town ...we were supposed to go to this dnb event at
indigo's , but the place was packed with pple...the bouncer
did not let us in...even at 3am!! dammm.... but we'll save
up for ed rush in the next few's been so long
since we last stepped into studionine... it'll be a good
comeback : P

woke up late as expected, watched more videos and listened
to my CDs on ben's awesome altec lansing speakers.... did
some cycling on peter's BMX in the afternoon... his
mountain bike is a monster...great suspension...but i suck
in it hahaha....we ended up playing colin mcrae's world
rally championship on peter's ferrari wheel.... i'm gettin
better at it!

later at nite, i spent some quality time with myself!!hahah
what's one to do w/o money...just lay low i guess...but i'm
gettin sick of layin low for so long!! hope money can just
fall out of the sky or something...and keep those bills
away!!! yucks!!

chinese new year is beckoning...i reckon i may do something
special for myself on monday...we'll see....


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