for show and tell
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2002-02-09 09:27:09 (UTC)

nightmare nny

hahaa, like the title says, i drew this awesome nny that
was the nightmare nny from zim.. it's the halloween
episode, umm.. "halloween spectacular of spooky doom"!
yeah!! ^^; it's all red and nny's got his hand out and i
thought it was kind of odd, so i made him saying "rahr"..
funny ^^; then, on the right, i said "that look is just SO
you, nny...!!" *bursts out laughing* his hair is just..
ziggy-zaggys all over the place. looks like crooked medusa.
^^; *laughs till blood shoots out her ass*

i'd love to draw nny in a matrix sorta look. like bending
backwards and arms out and stuff.. trenchie. i reeeeeeeally
like trenchcoats. shame i dun have one. o.o hmm... piccy
idea!! ^_^ mreh, i'm obsessed with nny, i swear.. he just
fascinates me with his philosophies, and i can't get enough
of how awesomely awesome (PEPPOR!! .