ramblings of a madwoman
2002-02-09 09:21:32 (UTC)

eeeeeek february!

Where to start?

I really can't remember what I said the last time I updated
this archaic piece of crap. Nobody but tianna reads it
anyway. :) Prove me wrong kids, prove me wrong.

Well, a new semester has begun and despite the large
saturation of idiots in my classes, i quite like the
courses and the teachers.

Home life on the other hand... Gram's still living with us
at the moment, but blissfully, this weekend she's at my
aunts house. I HAVE PEACE!!!! She's going to quesnel on
tuesday, i have no idea when she's coming back if she does.
i think it would be a bad idea, personally. It would drive
us all nuts.

So I've had 3 interviews with the Cactus Club so far and my
last is on tuesday. I think i got the job, which would be
really good because i could use the money to support my
gambling habit. Or rather just for the sake of keeping me
entertained, in nice clothes and with a little scratch to
spare. Wait, that's way too optimistic.

Then there's the Liberal party of British Columbia. For
some reason, they like nailing the education system in the
tender ass. The biggest victim (aside from every public
school teacher) is TechBC, which has been absorbed by SFU.
Say it with me, ladies and gents, THIS IS NOT COOL!
It's the school my beloved boyfriend attends, and he is
absolutely choked. I've never seen him so affected, which
is kind of confusing for me, i find it really hard to try
and cheer people up, especially someone that important to
me. I think it's important that i give him time to be
angry, homicidal, sad, etc about it, but i just wanna see
the bastard smile! I wanna make Gordon Campbell un-alive.
He likes to repeatedly screw us all over and then he...
uhh... beats orphans. that's right.

So yes, i have been stressed lately. It's livable though.

I just saw "rock star" starring marky mark and jennifer
aniston. I reccomend it to anyone who can appreciate 80s
metal. It was the first thing i've ever seen aniston in
where i didn't want to murder her.

Anwyays, off to bed i go in a few minutes. much love to
those who deserve it, a kick in the pants to those that
oppose me.

Current Song: Ozzy Osbourne- No More Tears