What's up now?
2002-02-09 08:40:08 (UTC)

Hmm...ass in my room? I think so!

Okay so I came home from Michelle's tonight, we had a great
girly night :) We made some food, Tarynn came over, and
then we did, ya know...girly stuff!!! Then I came home and
I heard there were cute boys in my room and Jenny wanted to
do one of them, so of course I had NO idea who these boys could
possibly be...not that I cared all that much, but I was
kinda interested as to who was anyways it
comes to find out that one of the boys is someone that
Rachel went to high school with and I think he's kinda an
ass....maybe its because he's drunk, but I kinda think he
has been a little bit of an ass...its a good thing he was
in the popular croud and he and rachel werent friends,
except she says their friends now...but I kinda dont like
him..ahh well I dont really care, I'll probably never see
him again!! The other boy was alright, and I'm pretty sure
he wanted to rock jenny's body! Yep!! Anyways, I'm off to
bed, it's 343 in the AM and I have to get up at 8 to
work :) Lovies!