Love, Sex and College
2002-02-09 07:35:33 (UTC)

Love it too hard

Andrew ended up being home a few days ago, en-route to
Indianna so I got to see him, it was wonderful. Then two
days later we have a fight online, so things are not good.
They pretty much suck. He started sleeping with another
girl which is allowed but I would be lying if I said it
didn't hurt. I do have plans with Eyebrow ring guy (Tim) to
go see Josh's play. Tim and I are going to brunch first. I
am very attracted to Tim, and he agreed really quikly to
hanging out with me, so maybe that is a good sign. I hope
so. I know right now I am not being true to my heart. I
love Andrew. But things with him are so volitale. It is
really hard....So I think right now...I am going to keep on
living and leave it at that. Come what may, I am ready as I
will ever be. I just wish someone could tell me what will
happen with Andrew and if it worth it sticking in for this.
Damn it, love is hard.... too hard sometimes....