Midight Ramblings
2001-04-26 03:58:39 (UTC)


I got a reminder today that I hadn't been around this diary
in a while so here I am. La dee da. Woo hoo. Basically I
mostly just got my cell hooked up, I had to call into work
cuz I felt really oogy. I went to thunder and it kicked
ass. Crystal and I put vodka in a sprite and dasani water
bottle and bought drinks there to mix. Pretty nice day. But
I was so tired because we had to walk about 40 blocks to
get there, and then we walked around til the fireworks then
we had to walk those same 40 or so blocks back. My calves
were sore for three days.
Um. I stayed all night at Crystal's and we basically did
nothing. The highlight of the night was anthony's attacking
shampoo story and the shady shit at wyandotte park. People
were showing up at one end of the park and by the time we
got back to the basketball court they were already almost
to the street. SPOOKY.
Then I came home. I needed a shower and my own bed!!
Crystal came over that night and stayed all night. It was
boring but there is never anything to do here. So all we
did was watch TV and jump on the trampoline. Then we
watched more tv. and. yeah. That was all. The next day I
got my cell hooked up and we went to taco bell...LOL. We
came home and watched TV then she left and I watched RAW
and talked to my Michael who had been sent home from work
for a little while.
Tuesday I went to the doctor. He gave me stuff for my face
and told me to quit drinking and smoking weed or my Paxil
would continue to not work as well it used to. ::sob:: I
only do those things like (weed) once a week and (drink)
every couple months. Now I can't even do it then if I want
my meds to work.
Today is wednesday. I slept, watched Dawson's Creek for
that first time in like..months. and I mostly watched TV.
woo hoo. Yeah.
So how's That?