still single

sick of all the sh*t
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2001-04-26 03:24:55 (UTC)

lunch with boss...woo hoo

okay well my boss asked me out to lunch today and of course
I said yes...we went ti an Italian redtaurant and shared
some Manicotti..We each had a glass of Chianti(I can't
believe what a laid back boss I have...and cute too)I got a
little buzzed('m a lightweight)but so did he...we had a
good time talking about everyhting but work..he is a DOLL!
There is this gay/straight club in townn and it is straight
night only 1 night of the week and I swore it was Saturday
but he said iot was Friday so we made a bet...if I was
right he had to tell me the day of his birthday(I know it's
this month but he won't tell me what day!!!)and if he won I
would give his dog a bath(which I wouldn't mind anyway
because that would mean I'd get to see him)Anyways...I was
the loser and he joked about it for awhile then dropeed the
subject...I hope he brings it up again because it will give
me an excuse to see him.Damn I hope he likes me!!!I alway
regret stupid things that I say...I asked him today"How
tall or short are you?"and I like him the way he is but he
is rather short..forgetting how insecure guys are about
there height he says "I don't know really..never
measured"then changed the subject..I felt sooo bad I wanted
to hug him but obviously could not and didn't know what to
say...the subject got changed anyway but I felt like an
idiot for saying somehting so stupid!!!!I hope he still
likes me(if he ever did..Allen says he does)Shit I sound
like I'm in High school but I have not felt this type of
chmistry with a guy in awhile and it's nice but scary and
it's so hard to see him every day without being able to say
anythign or to touch him!!!And now I'm really worried that
if things do progress he'll learn about my hair and bail
like the guy I dated last week...I guess I can't win but I
can't help but imagining little DEnis' running around!!!!
Anyway that's it for now...I've been only eating 1 meal a
day so hopefully in a couple months I can invite him to the
river with me....and if my hair grows back..ughghhh!!!