2002-02-09 06:11:05 (UTC)


Well, we lost again...to Wilco. It's cool with me though
because I got $5 in my hand!!!! I love those Braves, but I
knew the game wasn't going to be easy for them. Heck, they
even said that they were gonna lose. Anyway, me and Jacan
rode around tonite and tripped out. Nope, Dee wasn't with
us. I'm not mad at her right now, but I'm just keeping my
distance. I'm starting to see some characteristics in her
that remind me of someone that used to be my friend. The
first time I had something like this happen to me, I cried
about it because I was a different person....but
now.....I'm totally different....I put this on everything I
own.....I will try my best to fuck a person's life up if
crossed! It's just something about a "friend" stabbing you
in your back. I mean, with dudes.....fuck dem hoes! But a
female friend....first of all, I don't call too many of
them my friends....but if I'm here calling you one and
trusting you....and you decide to do some dirty
shit.....FUCK ALL DAT, something is going to get messed up!
I guess the only reason I doubt people is because I've had
my share of those who have done me low down. Now, I won't
act as though I'm invisible to the act....I've done my dirt
also. But we ain't talking about what I do! I mean, I just
don't put anything pass anyone. Shit, don't put anything
pass me! Ya know!......I just think it's time for me to be
in a new environment....new people....something! Senioritis
is starting to come around....I'm definitely showing the
symptoms! But anyway, I really hope nothing gets ugly,
meaning with me and Leroy. I just want it to be at this and
no more. I don't want to have to regret anything. I don't
think he'll play the role so many petty niggas do, but once
again....I don't put anything pass anyone! I have how I
feel about him.....nothing......but I'm not gonna hate or
say negative things about him. That's immature. I'm leaving
it to the fact that no more words will be exchanged between
us. Outside of that, I don't talk about him with anyone.
Jacan and them bring his name up, but I just overlook what
they say because I personally don't have anything to say
about him. If I'm not gonna talk to him, why talk about
him? Feel me? If he plays the game right, then nothing
should go down....it shouldn't be ugly. He hasn't been
known to be like that, but things certainly change....don't
they! HOlla