Thoughts to Share
2002-02-09 06:07:05 (UTC)


Not sure if I should be glad the week is over, or
distressed that it is already the weekend.
Had my meeting yesterday. I guess it was ok. I spent as
much time waiting for them as I did meeting with them. I
was pretty uncomfortable, but maybe I seemed intelligent.
Basically I'm just not good enough yet. Don't know if I
ever will be...story of my life. You're good, you're nice,
but just not what I/we want. Maybe it's not where I'm
supposed to be if it turns out that way. I don't know. I
still don't know.
First econ test of the semester today. It was a doozy.
After studying last night and taking it this morning...well
and only have about 5 hours of sleep. I was pretty
drained. Afterwards I got to talk to a girl that lives on
my hall for a bit. She's a character. Was arrested over
Christmas break for racing her car. Interesting. :-p
This afternoon Heather and I definitely considered taking a
nap. We were running on very little sleep already. Yet
I'm proud of us b/c we went out walking. Carlos joined us
on part of the route. Haha :-p
Must get lots done this weekend. Really....so so much to

Scenes from the night:

Kat: "What's the luge?"
Meredith: "Isn't that in Paris?"
Heather: "That would be the Louvre."

Kat: "I like watching the gymnastics."
Heather: "Yeah, but those are in the summer olympics."
10 minutes later.....
Kat: "Doesn't this country have lots of gymnasts?"
Heather: "That would be the summer olympics."

"Does he refer to himself in the 3rd person? Or have split