Is the Supercross season not here yet?
2002-02-09 04:55:41 (UTC)

Its Sad but True

Well, the last few days have been fairly boring. Yet
again, I'm sick... I think my immune system must really
suck. But whatever. Laninovich now has 297 miles on him.
And my growing interstate experience, has increased a bit
more and I'm actually enjoying driving now. I finally got
to watch the whole Fast and the Furious DVD. Such a great
movie *drools over the sexy ass cars* ... Heh, yep I have
many problems I know.
I ever so dumbly volunteered to help with tech for this
Theater my church is putting on a fund raiser for the youth
missions. So my next week and 2 days is shot, with
rehearsals and shows. The only good part is I will
probably be working backstage so no one will see me.
Well, my parents just got home from their party and its
only 10:00, wow, I'm impressed.
I need to write a book report tomorrow, but I can't decide
which book to do it on, decisions decisions... Whatever
will I do?
I'm soooo bored *whines and complains*... Its really windy
here tonight, like some serious MPH. My poor baby, stuck
outside... Oh well, random. I wore my SHIFT shirt today
and when my dad stopped by the Pueblo Yamaha dealer to see
one of his many long lost friends... A horrible realization
struck me. I'm never going to be a 'real' motocross chic,
b/c not only am I lacking certain qualities, but I'm not a
slut. So, I need to just be content as a huge fan and move
on. Right, I'll get right on that, after the Vong finally
take over pitiful government.
I hate it when people are dissing you and trying not to be
obvious about it. Like they will just make rude coments
that they think you don't notice. Its so lame. And then
there are the people that's problems are always worse than
yours or something much better happend to them. I can't
stand that! Jeez, ahhh! *Goes insane and pulls out her
hair*... Yep, wow, I think I need sleep. I'm like writing
incoherently or something...