My Life
2002-02-09 04:21:26 (UTC)

The big meanie

I had a letter in response to my last entry re: my dinner
with Chris. She went off telling me that I'm not a
Christian woman, that I obviously don't love myself, what
am I looking for, she was very negative and totally off
base. But I let her get to me and started questioning
myself and then........i found her diary and now it all
makes sense.....
She's pathetic, she DOES sleep with every man she meets,
she's very unhappy with herself, has esteem issues, now I
know why she tried to criticize me. Oh well.
She does not call herself a Christian but how convenient is
that. It doesn't suit her I guess.
I've decided to pray for her. She needs it....
Chris has disappointed me, not sure what'll happen.
I've been watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony and it's
very touching. I started crying when I saw the Native
dancers, they are so beautiful.....and American.