2002-02-09 04:14:57 (UTC)


Well Friday. . I worked from 8am-1130am I was then
supposed to have lunch with my friend but he never showed
up but it was okay b/c he called later to agologize:)

After that I chilled in the room for a bit to digest my
food and then Ashley and I went to the SAC. It was such a
nice day out though that we ran outside to the SAC then
lifted weights:) Came home showered and packed and then I
headed out for E. Lansing. My Janet likes to drive fast.

SO yeah I to his place and we just chilled for a bit then
we went out to dinner with Abby and Chris. That was really
nice just to hang out with my friends from home, just a
small gathering too!

So after that was the aftermath, haha. Yeah so we started
talking and that lead to more talking but he had to leave
so I left SUPER upset and was just bad.
Luckily I came home to a sweet daddy who looked at Italy
pictures and maps with me and *HUGGED* me! Then I talked
to Ashley and she made me feel a little better. Calmed
down at the very least so I could write him a rational
email, well i hope it was anyhow.

Now I am going to try to force myself to study for my test
on Sunday. I doubt it will last long b/c my eyes are
burning really bad . .we'll see . . . GOODNIGHT