Random Ramblings Of A Teenager
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2002-02-09 03:28:06 (UTC)

February 8, 2002: Kinda Sad & A Little Quisey

Hey, I'm sorry that I ending my last entery very well
unfinshed. But I forgot that I was going out with Erin and
she came while I was typing, so I didn't end it. Sorry :(

I guess I'm a little on the mopey side because I wasn't
asked to homecoming. I knew I could have gone alone but it
just didn't seem right with most of my friends having
dates, I know I'd totally feel like a third wheel. Sure
Katie said I should ask the guy I like but I'm just more
confused then ever on who I do like.

I mean Kyle still makes me all tingly but the whole thing
is just getting tiring. Then there's Tim, who I've been
doing some major flirting with ever since we started
sitting next to each other in Algebra. But he has a
girlfriend. Speaking of girlfriends Ryan told me on Monday
that he was going with his ex (Jenny) and I'm like why
didn't he tell me earlier? I acted like he didn't want me
to know. *sigh* Then there's Marcus, who I can definately
see myself dating because he's: cute, funny, and we can
hold a steady conversation for more then 5 minutes. Oh, and
before I forget, I've completely given up on Aaron (he can
get kinda annoying) and Jason (I don't know how I didn't
see it but he can be such a jerk!)

Let's try to get off the topic of guys it just increases
the headache I have from all the screaming during the
HomeComing Rally-Thingy. It was awesome though, because our
skit (The Freshmen) was totally crunk even though we got
3rd. Marcus was dressed up like Micheal Jackson (he did the
moonwalk and everything!)

*sigh* I should probably leave because lately I've not
updated my *nsync site in awhile.