Jus Other Day
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2002-02-09 03:10:40 (UTC)

Day 2 (7:10pm) 2-8-02

Sorry I didnt write yesterday, my computer was acting
up. So i guess ya'll heard on ESPN or Local news that
Booker L(Lorenzo Booker)is a Seminole and is going to FSU
(Flordia State University) I was there at the Casa de
Mirnia in Oxnard at the beach when ESPN were showing it
live. Lorenzo said to me that what changed his mind was the
Petter Waricks tape that he got Tuesday, his choose was
going to be Notre Dame but after seeing the tape he went
with FSU.
Okay on with what happened today... a fight at school, 2
girls at lunch. Both of them were HELLA HOTT. Alex, a
blonde chic , and Jessica , a blonde chic. went at it. Man
was it a tight fight, Jessica tore off Alexs t shirt and
dang her tits were all big and shit jus bonceing up and
down, up and down as she fought.but the Stuipd campus
sercurity had to come and stop it.
Oh man today i so fucken pissed , i saw like bunch of
people wearing basketball jerseys and the stuipd mother
Fuckers Channel Islands fucken campus fucken supervicers
didbnt fucken tell them to take the fucken jerseys off. i
went to the Office and put in a complaint about everyone of
those son of a bitches that were out there that didnt tell
anyone to fucken take off their jersey . so i guess i might
have got them in truble cause i also but down that everyone
eles was Philpeno or White and im mexican and the only told
me to take it off but they didnt tell them take it off and
i put that they r i had a pretty good bad day but
its all good cause we have a three day weekend.
Email if you wanna chat with me.
[email protected]

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