F**KED up life
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2001-04-26 02:03:08 (UTC)

some more boring days...

last night staci got all mad at me cuase i had people over
here and they where on the computer and she imed me and
they said 'im busy' and sighed off. she jumped straight to
a conclusion and threatend to dump me. and said that i
shouldnt blow her off like that. i didnt even know that she
imed till like 20 mins later. the point is that she is
always...or twice so far...quick to jump to conclusions.
and she should know that i love her and wouldnt just blow
her off. and she also said that i dont tell her anything.
there is nothing that she dosent know about in my life. she
knows everything. im the one that dosent know much about
her, and since she isnt willing to like talk about any of
it i guess i just have to deal with that.

and i have like 2 weeks to serve 10 hours of community
sevice before i have to go back to court. and i dont know
any where i can just go and do it. not apache cause its
just fucking sucks there. the library wont take any one or
that is what the guy told me.and i have tryed to get a hold
of this guy for the past week.