Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-02-09 02:15:20 (UTC)

Hot Stick....Mmmm....

Of realisations and small worlds.

Today I finally seemed to grasp why people hate students so
much. Its because in essence they're a load of bastards who
pretend to know what they're talking about when really they
haven't a clue.

I've done it, not a lot I hope, but certainly. Its a very
bad habit. It was brought home today when one of a mate's
friends, who shall remain nameless, any of the 4/5 people
present could identify them, gave quite a lecture on
people's pre-conceptions how they disagreed with such an
idea and then proceeded to give their preconceptions. Very
annoying. Especially, when anyone tried to say anything
they were cut off. OK, that was me a couple of times, but
not JUST me.

And they never do fuck all either.

Small world? Well, one of my best mate's girlfriend's (is
that right? I'll leave it) came across from the US of A. I
met her on a bus. I knew she'd arrive in England today, but
to be on my bus back from Morrisons. Odd, eh? Small world,
you see.

WILT? Nothing, its too late. Penny Lane by The Beatles I
can hear, but I ain't listening to it.