Forgotten Misery
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2002-02-09 01:00:16 (UTC)


Ok thanx for the funeral it was quit nice lol!! Thanku
adrain for playing me some music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways the whole car thing has now taken a strange twist
well this guy who so cool named boo yes his name for real
is boo works with my dad and might be able to fix my car
cause he does body work and u know how I said there was
this huge place in the front with no paint well my dad is
gona have him fix that too. Im like wow my parents have
done a big turn around on trying to make me happy since
grandma died cause the way my dad looks at it he only has
one daughter who will be gone in a few years and u only get
to be a dad once im just like wow he told my mom that cept
the whole mom thing instead of dad when she was complaing
about shoping with me for my dress and stuff and im in aww
my parents love me so much even through all my mess ups
they understand i have depression and they try to help me
all they can like my dad takes an real interest on how im
doing at my new school and grades i almost feel as if i
said things were horrible and stuff he would put me back at
fc but things arent as bad as i thought i have friends who
are so so so so nice i swear they are like the most
considerate sweet people its so wierd. Tomorrow the big
dance yeah lol i gotta call lauren for details tomorrow and
i need to take the money i have and buy me some more mins
now that i have friends who can call me on it lol! well
folks the opening of the olympics are coming on plus im
gona down me some tylenol threes for this headache before i
black out again love ya

Ps: the word hella is know officially being put out of my vocab thank
u and have a damn bootylicious day Im so getting pants at wet seal
that say bootyliciuos