My problems.
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2002-02-09 00:48:31 (UTC)

I feel like writing a poem

I'm watching Interview with the Vampire right now. This
is a pretty good movie but I dunno.. I just feel like writing
something about my life.

Happiness last only so long,
Until something terrible wrong happens.
No matter what it is,
Big, small, huge, or tiny,
Can cause so much pain.
You may never know
How badly you've hurt someone
Because you may be ignorant
Or you may not care.
They care, they care a lot,
Because it hurt, it hurt so much.
You've taken the happiness from them
And make them feel like dirt.
Try to stick yourself in their shoes
When you insult someone
Then you may know exactly how they feel
And what you've done to their self-esteem.

I feel like writing again.

Life only last so long.
So cherrish it while you have it.
Live your life to the fullest,
Live each day like it were your last.
Tell your friends that you care about them
And how much they really do mean to you.
Try not to make anyone feel like crap
Because you may ruin their whole entire day.


My dad's birthday is next Tuesday and I want to write
him a nice poem to show him that I really do care about
him and that I appreciate everything hes ever done for
me. I just don't know what to write.. =-/

You've been there for the worst times
You've been there for the best.
You've been there when I've been in trouble.
You've been there even when I've needed you.

I can't thank you enough
For what you've doen for me.
At times I admit I act like a jerk
But I truly don't mean it.

I'm sorry for the things I've done
To make you feel bad or insignificant.
I really don't mean to hurt you
In any way shape or form.

So dad what can I say,
You've been the best father a guy could ask for
Dad guess what...
I love you.



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