Faerie Onyx

Tis The Faerie
2002-02-09 00:25:40 (UTC)

Last Friday...

Last Friday wasn't all that great. Well, it started
off great. Let me start at the beginning. I got to
school, and two of my friends were walking by as I got
there. They approached me and told me that they were
skipping school and going to a music store near school.
Then they asked me if I wanted to join them. Me, being the
one who never does anything bad, or in other words,
exciting, so, of course, I went. We had just left when we
all started smoking our various kinds of cigarettes. The
music store didn't open until 10 30, but we thought it
opened around nine. We stayed behind a nearby building
smoking for over an hour. I begged them to go back to
school with me because I didn't know the way. As it was
getting near time for the store to open, the three of us
went to the front of the store. The boy (let's call him
Brian) goes to the store all of the time. He knows a guy
(let's call him Ernie). Well, anyway, Ernie was about to
report to work when a cop pulls up, turns on his siren, and
flashes his lights. I figured we were caught, Brian and I
stayed where we were, and the girl (let's call her Amanda)
took off running. I grabbed her as I saw Ernie turn around
and start talking to the cop. As it turns out, they were
friends. We were safe for then...
Anyway, then, when the store opened, Amanda called her
ex and asked him to call school for us and tell them that
we were sick and that we wouldn't be coming in to school
that day. He told her that he would do it, and we,
stupidly, believed him. He instead called the school and
told them that three students were skipping school at an
unknown location within a mile from the school. We, not
knowing this were having a fun time playing the instruments
and stuff.
Amanda called him back, and he told her that he did it
and that we were all straight. We again believed him. We
didn't think we had any reason not to. Amanda, despite my
urging her not to, told him where we were. Apparently he
called the school back and told them we were at the music
Not long after that two cops walked in the store and
asked Ernie, of all people, if he'd seen three young, high
school aged children. Ernie, not wanting us to get in
trouble told them that he hadn't seen anyone fitting that
description. The cops wanted to look around anyway, and
Ernie couldn't very well tell them no since it was a public
Amanda and I had been in the bathroom, and as we
walked out, perfectly convinced that everything was going
to be okay, we heard a man's voice say, 'Ladies.' I don't
know what was running through Amanda's mind at that time,
but in my mind, I was torn between it's just an employee
and oh shit, we've been caught. Unluckily for us it was
the second choice.
We were brought back to school and given 5 days each
of in school suspension, which ends on Monday. It's not so
bad. In fact, none of the three of us got in much trouble
with our parents. We get to hang out during school, even
if we're confined to small cubicles, even smaller than at
my dad's office.