The life of Jackie O
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2002-02-08 23:11:08 (UTC)

I give in...

Alright kids, I give up. I will have to write about some
typical teenage girl heartbreak stuff here. I didn't want
to sink to that level I go. I just realized who
I want, but it's too late. See, a couple of years ago he
told me that he loved me but I never saw him as more so I
treated him like garbage (I just wanted us to be
friends...I wanted him to basically stop following me).
Then this year I got a second chance. He actually dumped
his girlfriend because he was still in love with me and
FINALLY I was starting to feel the same...then another guy
came around and I dated him (mistake #2...this guy was a
total jerk to me). I realized how perfect guy #1 is for me
and that we could actually LAST...we're such good friends.
But it's too late now. He went crawling back to his
girlfriend, and there is no way he'll hurt her again. So,
basically, I'm screwed. My friend Jeff told me to wait
until college and then make my move, because by that time
he'll forget about his girlfriend, but I'm thinking about
going to college in Washington D.C...thing is I really
could see a future for us. UGH this blows. And now my ex-
boyfriend is going to tell Bob, the guy I'm supposed to be
waiting for, that I am not waiting for him anymore, thus
breaking HIS heart. Drama sucks, although it DOES make
life interesting. I left school today because I am still
sick. Thank GOD we have a week off for Mardi Gras! I have
been listening to opera and classical music constantly for
the past week...I'm oh-so sophisticated. Hahah j/k. I have
to go now, anyone who wants to offer advice, feel free.