One fucked up Life

my mind is fucked
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2002-02-08 22:37:55 (UTC)

Well, I'm actually doing ok

I havent done any drugs still and I'm still sober...So I
guess you could say I'm doin pretty good...the only bad
thing i can actually complain about right now is the fact
that my school is full of a bunch of whores. They can talk
mad smack but when i comes down to it, cant back it
up...Thats why I fuckin hate girls...I'm a girl..yeah, but
I dont carry the pathetic qualities of most of I
can honestly say, I fuckin hate girls....
But besides that...i've been goin to school goin to paid today...yay!! not much..but it was only
for three its ok.....
I dunno..i guess thats it....
Alisha,Crystal,Leanne, and melanie can go fuck themselves.

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