Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-02-08 22:03:57 (UTC)

*pouts incessently*

I am so tired. I am so freaking tired. I want to go to
sleep. Diedras supposed to come over which means, no
sleep, but ashley is going to call her so that maybe I can
sleep. Im really getting sick of school... sick of
everything. I wish i could pull myself out of this.
*sighs* My family is annoying. I wish they would go
away. I wish I could get away from my mom and my dad... Im
so sick of it, so sick of everything. So sick of all the
fighting... damn it all really sucks. I just wanna be free
from everything, get away for a little while. But I cant.
I cant escape myself.

Matt, I love you so much
Huggles, Marie, i loves you too