Sweet sweet monotony
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2002-02-08 21:58:32 (UTC)

well la de da...looks whos not lazy today

yay! M. will be so proud! my second entry ever. im the most
inconsistent diary enterer ever! oh well. it could be
worse. speaking of M. i feel bad..we havent really talked
all week. im glad that we will be spending time together
tonight, shes a pretty awesome gal. the bestest friend a
person can have. im kinda 'seeing' this boy, but i dont
know whats going to come of it. hes a really interesting
fellow, but a little on the odd side. i dont know if its
the good odd or bad odd though. and he leads a kind of
diffrent lifestyle than my own. oh well, things will
figure themselves out. the big dance is coming next
saturday. well, its not really big. oh well, you get the
picture. but i dont have a dress yet. thats a wee bit

we had a discussion in adv us history today that really
miffed me. it was about english being nearly a second
language in america today. dont get me wrong, i am VERY
split on the idea of us having to learn spanish or people
of spanish learning more english..but some people in my
class were really being ignorant little shits. the whole
reason america was even freeking colonized was so that
people of other nations could come and be free. i TRULY
belive that america is a true melting pot. well, at least
it should be. but americans have developed this sort of
stigma that has come along with the spanish culture. i
dont get it. if we truly are the melting pot we claim to
be, shouldnt we have to adjust to others' languages just as
much as they have to adjust to ours. look at countries in
europe, they have to learn several different languages.
albeit the geography is different, we are not as far from
mexico as many people like to think we are. sorry if this
is confusing/boring, but this really irked me.

thats all for now kiddies, have a good one

amy B

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