emo kween

i hug pillows
2002-02-08 21:28:04 (UTC)


ive been deadly ill these past days. but im recovering.
even if i wasnt, id still be going out tonite with friends.

wow. i just saw the video from dashboard confessional on

but lemme tell you whats been going on.

i was sick. stayed home in bed. then my computer was being
dumb and wouldnt work at all. i was furious.

school has been....school. dont like it much.

i havent spoken to adam since few nites ago and even that
didnt go very well. everythings pretty much...lost. ?

i mean, i like guys. and i dont want to be with someone im
confused about. i want someone who is like my best friend,
and i can talk to and likes things i do and can experience
the same things with....

and some past boyfriend outta no where has been callin me.

bellotti was mad at me today, because i made a comment. it
wasnt even a big deal, so blah blah.

and i heard nicole is hanging out with reese tomorrow nite
so i guess she and i arent hanging out. thanks for letting
me know, right...

tonite courtney and i are supposed to hang out, and i hope
bellotti can too....but we have noo idea what were gonna

or tomorrow nite...

welp. im gonna go.


[2888015-for those of you who NEVER remember it...]