Forgotten Misery
2002-02-08 20:13:29 (UTC)


Well I didnt have school today and that was really good cause
i really needed the day off with all that is going on with
me right now. Ahh I got my nails done so its kinda hard to
type here but they are kick ass cause i got a cool airbrush
design put on them. ok im taking maggies idea and im gona
have a friend thingy ever day!

Maggie: My bestest friend in the world. The only one of
the very few who try to keep our friendship and it seems
like we have grown even closer! Tonight as u wrestle jer
jer kick his butt for me since i wont be there to see the
traditional wrestling or wrestle with ya either. Have fun
and tell court hi.

Jer Jer:: oh no u gota wrestle maggie lol I wish i could
see was always the funniest thing and always made
me laugh even when i didnt feel like laughing. Dont forget
to burn me a cool cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adrain: Hows my girl? You picking up hotties without me?
Hope so and just remeber dont do anything i woulndt do

Zak: Hi bro I hope things get better with u and just
remeber I rely on u to take care of marissa and adrain for
me since im no longer there to do that ok be strong for me
please i need u to be since im breaking down myself ok!
Just think military ball is very soon and i get to come
down and hang out with ya and all my ole friends i made fun
of in rotc.

ok enough of the friend stuff now mauh love u guys!!!!

My quote of the Day

Reality hits u hard and knocks u off your feet then it
hits u worse when u look up to see no one there to help u