Higer Then The Stars
2002-02-08 19:54:49 (UTC)

Chicken Little

Who would have thought that life could be so busy! I feel
like a lost chick running around lately. There is so much
responsibility left up for me to keep up with, I know that
I can do it, it will just take time. I feel as though
pledging will make or brake me. I think the shit it the fan
last night though with Heather. I really want certain
things bad and I know that I am capable of getting what I
want. I guess I have to just better organize myself then
what I have done last week. I am really not use to being
busy but I can get the hang of it. Love is what appreciates
what can come out of something so little, becuase it is the
little things that we do that are more notice able. Hum I
just this little chick is just rambuling but yet his brain
is clear.


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