DayDream Believer
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2002-02-08 19:07:39 (UTC)

My New Project

Today I started a new project called, take-better-care-of-
my self. Its gonna be my one week project. Everyday Im
gonna do something good to my self. To day I went to the
sun studio for tventy minutes, it feelt good just to lie
there and relax.

Im working tomorrow, cant wait to see all my boys agen. But
of course it has its price, I`ll have to get up early on a
Satturday and I cant go to Ed`s party today.
Maybe next time, we`ll see.

Cessy keeps sending me her little conversations with Dante,
Im so glad I have someone on the "inside" who can tell me
whats he up with.
I dont care how he feels about me, but I like to know.
And Im starting to regret more and more that I lied to
Chirs about us. He gave me so manny chanses to tell the
truth but since I diddnt like the truth I lied. Cause I was
hoping to cange the past. And I allmost did.

So now everybody is out partying, but I have to stay home.
I was thinking about going for a long walk with my dog, byt
then my father said it was raining outside. And that was
truth. Bo bad.
So I`ll probobly watsh tv, read a bit and the go to bed.
I have all thid dreams for the moment, I love to dream.
Not every dream is good, but some are.
Cant wait til S* comes home now, cant wait to see him.
But first I gotta talk to him first.
Next weekend I think, I could do I now but I want it to
loock like Im thinking.

Have a nice weekend folks!