This is the beloved air I breathe
2002-02-08 18:13:28 (UTC)

To serve My Master

You ever get the feeling like there's something that you
don't want to do but you know that you need to?
See, there are so many points in our lives where we have a
chance to do something that could make a great difference
in someone elses life, but so rarely we have the foresight
to actually acknowledge the fact that we can change things
positively for other people.

See, helping out other people requires personal
saccrifice. How much is it worth it? I guess that's the
point in our lives when we have to sit down and analyse
what we value more - Our own personal comfort, or
improving the life of another individual?
Why are we here on this earth? I am here to Serve My
Master. To love, honor and Obey the one who created me.
It's very easy to say that you don't believe in God, but
that doesn't mean that He doesn't exist. I believe that
in life there are absolutes. One absolute is that God is
real. I don't profess to know everything, because God is
Omnipotent and He is unfathomable, but I do believe that
God chooses to reveal parts of himself to us if we allow
Him to.
God makes a promise to us that if we ask Him to He will
reveal himself to us. God doesn't need us, but He loves
us enough to allow us to come to him, and when we do He
comforts us.
There is no catch in the Chrstianity thing. It's like a
free gift. All that you have to do is allow God to put
His truth in your heart and let him love you. That's it.
I know that so many people look at the "laws" and they are
such a hangup for so many people. That is not God
talking, it is people. People, imperfect Humans are the
ones who have set up rules saying "God will love you if..."
If nothing! God will love you if you will let him with no
strings attached, and with a perfet love that is more
fulfilling than any relationship that you have ever had.
Guaranteed! Where else can you get a deal like that?
People can make promises of love, but they will always be
lies unless they are backed by the promise of God.
This is actually what I've been working out in my mind
for the past months about how I need to be able to rely on
God for my fulfullment in life. If I focus my life on
God, He will work everything else out for me, all I have
to do is trust that and believe it to be true.
See, it is all packaged together. When we are truly
loved, we are able to be fulfilled in life.
there is so much more that I want to say, but I just want
to say that in these entries I have tried to lay my sould
bare so that you could see what it's like to be in my
mind. If it seems that I'm never angry or upset that's a
lie. Truth be told I don't really feel like sitting down
and complaining about it online if I'm upset, but when I
do have problems there is still a joy in my life. See, I
do not need happiness to be fulfilled. I am fulfilled by
My Creator, and when things happen I grow from them, I
learn, and most of the time I cry and place myself in the
arms of my Father so that I can be reminded of His
ultimate plans for my life.

Have a wonderful day
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