The lost little girl
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2002-02-08 17:35:10 (UTC)

i gotta keep up on this...

sorry i know i haven't writen in a while...but i am trying
to do this everyday i. It's harder than i thought. Um,
what's new...well...
I have been having some f*ing strange dreams lately. The
other night i had one where i was being held down by zombies
and that one just made me freak out...then last night i had
one of (an ex boyfriend) and he was hugging me and he said "
this is your time. your time to show me what you're really
made of. Time to show me you. you ready?" and then i woke up
completely confused as all hell!
I saw Black Hawk Down the other night with Wendy. *sigh* one
of the best movies i have ever seen.Granted i have a bias
opinion b'cuz the movie stars Josh Hartnett ( beautiful),
Ewan McGregor ( beautiful), and Orlando bloom ( also
beautiful). i did the girly thing when i first saw them on
the screen and kinda did a " yay" to myself. but other than
my hot guys being in the movie it was really well done. It
may have been over 2 hours long...but i kept my attention
good. yeah,..i really enjoyed it.
last night i layed in bed ( before the freaky dream) and i
turned on my tv. And i turned on TNT and what do i see but
"The Lost Boys"....omg what a great movie. I trully believe
that it just pulled me in and said "watch me". I grew up
watching that movie with my sis and my cousin. they were two
teenage girls in the 80's...they loved it as well! I don't
know why i mentioned that ...but i felt the need!-
gotta jet...ttyl..byebyebye- janie

Daily Quote : ( the one in my info)

[the soldiers sit in the black hawk waiting to leave and the
general walks up and gives them a little pep talk about
being safe and coming home)
"What's wrong?" - Grimes (McGregor)
"Nothing!He's just never done that before"-Eversmann
"OH FUCK!!!" - Grimes

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