The Other Diary
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2002-02-08 15:57:42 (UTC)

Discrete Topics

Today is and probably will continue to be a boring day.
Discrete Topics and a stupid substitute. Stupid people
and stupid assignments. Stupid jeans and my stupid
belly button. Well, not the top as much as the bottom.
Ouch. Just thinking about it brings all the sensation I
have been desperately ignoring rushing back.
Yesterday I found myself researching for my paper in
english.... my required from henrico county research
paper which I am pretty sure non of the private schools
have to do. Makes no sense. Anyway I came to the
conclusion that my idea about researching most
influential concerts is stupid as it is way to broad. When
I realized I would have to cover almost 10 concerts in
each decade from the 60's I decided to think it over.
Now I'm thinking something more along the lines of
"The Woodstock Concerts - were they really
representative of their era's?" I think it works. Maybe It
might be boring at first, but I'm sure by the time I get to
the most recent one I will actually know what I'm talking
about - so it won't be so much like pulling teeth.
Discrete Topics. Damn discrete topics....
Damn myself for being so annoyed by all the people in
here. . . .
So anyway. Tonight I'm going to hang out with Scott,
and hopefully we will figure out where we are gonna
stay for the Weezer concert. The Weezer concert on feb
22nd in North Carolina.... It had better rock me pretty
freakin' hard cuz I hate staying away from my stuff.

This entry is definitely going to end up being a random
collection of complaints about people and how STUPID
they are. I can't imagine an entry without some venting
= )
People who know trivia about dead presidents need to
be shot. Do i look like the kinda person who would care
how short John Adams was. Or how fat Taft was. Keep
that shit to yourself.
Well my crappy laptop has one bar left on it and I'm still
about to "surf the world wide web" a little more....

Wow peole are

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