Tinker Bell's daily amount of goofy
2002-02-08 15:46:16 (UTC)

Well, now I have a worthy entry!!

I've been ill for 4 days now, 2 of 'em in bed; yesterday,
I still felt like crap, but I couldn't stand another day in
bed, it's so boring! Besides, my Inbox was getting
dangerously full...my good friend 'F' came to see me the
day before. I hope she didn't have such a bad time, I mean,
it must've been boring!! I could hardly speak, you know
(although it sounds like a big relief...)
I was catching up with my mail, yesterday, so I wrote to
Kell to ask her if she liked the illustration I sent her (I
knew she got it, coz I got a receipt with her
signature...you see, I'm pretty sneaky, coz when she's
really famous, I -her biggest fan- will already have a
signed document...); she said she liked it very much, which
obviously made me very happy.
I feel better now, but I still cough a lot, and my nose
is all clogged and runny...eew...not a pretty sight.
I wanna get back to my illustrations, possibly today,.
but for the MOB entrance I was colouring, I think I'll do
the rest of it in CG, coz I don't feel like painting right
I'm still insisting on the process of redesigning the
Harry Potter a la Disney thing. I think I'm getting closer
to the image that would portray the concepts behind the