Creative Walks& Poetic Talks
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2002-02-08 13:25:52 (UTC)

Updates to Creative Walks& Poetics Talks

Well here I am it has been awhile but there has been alot
that has been going on. I am goin to school now I am trying
to get my life together. As I have said before I am
thinking of myself now no one else .I still writing in a
diary at home and I try to write in it at least 2-4 times a
week .I am up to 72 diaries now. I have 3 computers which I
use for different things . I qill be going out of town
soon. There are things that I am working on at this
time .It is abook . And I will be allowing others to read
my book to see how they like what I have written it will be
the first time in about 29 years that I have let anyone
read my private writings BUt I feel that what I have been
through will help someone .I must go until the next time .
I have other diaries that you may want to read one is
Read them at let me know what you think .
Email me [email protected]

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