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2001-04-25 20:37:08 (UTC)

first entry

arrghh...this should be a fun moment. my first ever entry
at but its not because im upset over what
happened with my last online diary. i use to make my daily
entries at diaryland. everything was going perfectly until
last night. i changed my password, and as a precaution they
make you log in again under the new password. anyways i
type in my username and password, hit log in and nothing
happens. im sent back to the main log in page. so i try and
try again to no avail. i email the sie's web tech expecting
to get a reply by the next day but dont. i then realize
that he wont probably get back to me for a few days because
he's busy helping out the gold members (people who pay). i
didnt want to sit around and wait until he had some free
time to help me so i decided to find a nw online diary site
to express my feelings. i think i have.....well thats all
for now, dont worry normally im a chipper guy so my entries
wont be as angry. bye for now...chris